Lascaray SA, company of the chemical sector, has as main objective to satisfy the needs of its clients according to values ​​such as quality, innovation, service, price and the commitment of continuous improvement.

Lascaray SA as an Organization intends to generate appropriate economic results through sustained growth and the constant renewal of the business structure, in order to correspond with the confidence placed in the company by those linked to Lascaray SA, shareholders, collaborators, customers and suppliers.

Lascaray SA as an Organization establishes a Quality Management System.

  • Manages Quality in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • Involves all staff in the processes of continuous improvement, streamlining processes and increased productivity.
  • Identify, understand and update the requirements of our clients (external and internal)
  • Satisfies the needs of its customers based on continuous improvement, prevention and adaptation to customer requirements (flexibility)
  • Organize the company in a flexible and responsive way.
  • Meets the mutually agreed requirements, both within Lascaray SA and in agreements with customers, suppliers and society in general.

Lascaray SA promotes the professional satisfaction of all personnel always within the most scrupulous compliance with all current laws and all regulations that affect you.

Lascaray SA supports and defends the principles of social responsibility.

  • Supports and respects human rights.
  • Defend the freedom of association.
  • Recognizes the right to collective bargaining.
  • Reject child labor.
  • Eliminates discrimination at work and promotes equal opportunities.
  • Defend ethics and professional integrity and reject corruption in all its forms, including extortion, bribery.
  • Promotes occupational health and safety.

Lascaray SA maintains a respectful approach to the environment and supports and defends the principles of social responsibility.